Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Buttermilk Acres Welcomes....

...the "Eight is Enough" crew.

Bertha, our almost 3 year old Great Pyrenees, gave birth to 8 healthy pups on Saturday, January 4th. After keeping her in our mudroom the night of Jan 3rd, she went out Saturday morning, ate her regular breakfast and spent the day doing normal livestock guarding duties (which mostly consists of following the goats around and napping while they eat - which is almost constantly). When she did not come down for her evening meal, we figured something was up. We found her in the goat shed having already whelped 5 pups, which were all still damp but healthy. I loaded them in a basket and headed to the prepared mudroom. After about 20 minutes under the heat lamp, I realized that it was too cold to leave them there and moved all inside. Over the next 5 hours, she delivered three more pups for a total of eight (5 girls and 3 boys).  They are all healthy, vibrant and thriving. We could not be happier with this first litter!

After 7 pups...
Eight is Enough!
Pile of pups!

We have eight tiny polar bears!

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  1. Wow! Eight is very impressive for a first litter! Cant wait till my little girls have their first pups!