Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The quiet beauty of winter...

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Friday, February 13, 2015

A sampling....

.....of recent "life of the farm"!


Emmy Lou and Maggie



Land clearing


Catching rays


Feeding time in the snow

Boss lovin'
Face cleaning

Ewan McGregor

Fire watching

Buttermilk Acres (by Lauren Geitner)

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"The logic of making a life, and not merely a living"

I was reading a blog today called beauty that moves and came across an interview with Ben Hewitt, blogger and author of The Nourishing Homestead.  Here is the quote that caught my eye and it served as a gentle reminder of why I started this blog and what I was hoping to chronicle:
"In the book, I talk about this in the context of making butter, which according to the logic of the market, is a fool’s errand. I once calculated that it costs me something like $15/pound to make my own butter; obviously, from a purely financial point-of-view, making $15-per-pound butter isn’t that logical or practical. But the truth is, the logic of the homestead rarely conforms to the logic of the market. It will almost always be cheaper/faster/easier to allow industry to provide, particularly if one is not discerning about the quality of the products offered. What logic does the homestead conform to? The logic that what you eat and how it was produced matters. The logic of vibrant health. The logic of making a life, and not merely a living. I think these are really powerful things, but they’re not often celebrated in modern America."

The interview is good and I'm sure the book would be a great asset.  I hope to get it soon.

Also, it was a good reminder...

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