Friday, October 18, 2013

I have a present for you....

WARNING - Graphic photos.  DISCLAIMER - No chipmunks were harmed during filming or at the photo shoot.  (They were dead long before I started shooting.)

Clara:  "Mom, I have a present for you!" 

 "No really, let me in!  I have something for you."

"Come on, let me in before the dog gets it."

(Look at her face...what total disgust!)

"....she's opening the door" 

"....ahhhh, finally someone who appreciates my efforts."

"Someone to train, and teach, and mentor....

....a 'natural'...

....a protege... offspring!"

By the end of the day, this was on my porch!  

I wanted good careful what you wish for!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shake siding with a family work crew...

The kids came up for Don's birthday this past weekend and we had a fun day on Saturday starting the cedar shake siding....

Organizing the work crew.

 Fain - ready to begin.
 Morgan and Fain were the scaffold monkeys.

Mallory was the "saw-man"....
 ...and the stand-in crew chief.
After Fain and Morgan were yelling for help from their Dad, Mallory gave us the quote of the weekend "Talk to me, I'm Dad for now."  It cracked us all up!

 Sweet Pea provided great moral support....  
...lots of dancing, cartwheels and cheering....
She was also "Papaw's helper and runner".
Don was the "senior (citizen)" crew chief.....
but spent most of his time eating his Birthday candy.
(Thanks to Anneli and Nestor)    

Sunday brought a golden sunny rain day in the mountains. 
It was a good weekend! 
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cat-sitting, Goodbyes and Back Loft/Deck...

Monroe seems to be the resident Kitty-Sitter.  He's thrilled....


Dora and Diega having a last cuddle before Dora heads to Georgia.  My nephews are anxious to get her so she will have lots of loving but we will miss her!  :(

Diega will still have lots of attention from Aunt Calamity, who makes sure she has a regular bath!

Hanging twin bed with pallet trundle, during construction.   

It was "cat" approved.

Now we are ready for the kids to visit next weekend!


Through the looking glass...

This is our attic/storage space.
Back deck still under construction.  This will be a great place for a morning cup of coffee or evening cocktail.


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