Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cat-sitting, Goodbyes and Back Loft/Deck...

Monroe seems to be the resident Kitty-Sitter.  He's thrilled....


Dora and Diega having a last cuddle before Dora heads to Georgia.  My nephews are anxious to get her so she will have lots of loving but we will miss her!  :(

Diega will still have lots of attention from Aunt Calamity, who makes sure she has a regular bath!

Hanging twin bed with pallet trundle, during construction.   

It was "cat" approved.

Now we are ready for the kids to visit next weekend!


Through the looking glass...

This is our attic/storage space.
Back deck still under construction.  This will be a great place for a morning cup of coffee or evening cocktail.


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1 comment:

  1. That is a very nice room, well-appointed. At first, I thought--cool, a swinging bed. I see it is a suspended bed.

    Looking down from the deck makes me woozy since I don't deal well with heights. I would just stay at the top. It is a very nice deck/balcony.