Friday, July 26, 2013

Georgia's dilemma... started when we moved the kittens from the downstairs bedroom, upstairs, to the back loft.  This is the normal look I got from her, almost saying...."you're not up there with my kittens, are you?"

These were the only things between her and...

...her kittens.

She would not be denied!

So we are pretty sure that's how we found this one downstairs on the sofa after leaving Georgia unattended for about an hour.
 The kitten was soaking wet from a recent bath (ok....she had been slimed) but was otherwise unharmed! 

There is a possibility that the kitten got out of the swimming pool and fell down the steps but she still needed help to get up on the sofa so I think my money is on Georgia. 

She just loves those kittens!
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