Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Visit

On Friday afternoon, my mother, Carolyn; son, Fain and nephew, Garet drove up from Georgia....


These were the conditions when they reached Boone, NC on Friday.

A snow plow is not something you would normally see in Georgia.
Fain looks a little nervous!

Of course, Garet got to really enjoy playing outside in the mountains. 

This was preferable to ending up in the creek.

He also really enjoyed the kittens.
That is an armful of cat!

One of the reasons for the trip was my Mother brought me this beautiful bedroom furniture.  It belonged to her grandmother (my great-grandmother, Mammy) and I have wanted it since I was a child.  It fits the cabin perfectly and I just love it! Thanks, Mom!

A couple of shots of the back loft sleeping space.

"Overflow sleeping"

Now just waiting for the girls and Sweet Pea to come on Christmas Day.

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  1. Oh my what a beautiful old bedroom set.I love REAL furniture don't you? You and yours are coming along on the cabin and its looking nice.Everyone seems to be having a good time.We are fixing to get a blast of really cold air down here in Texas Brrrr.Maybe a dusting of snow warm and have a great Holiday.I don't know if you say Merry Christmas?I do but some don't.

    1. Try and stay warm and have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Just dropping by and wishing your family a Happy New Year! Send some snow this way would be great lol.