Sunday, August 19, 2012

Updates: Water and Mud....

Plumbing the spring....

After a lot of internet perusing, Don and Steve started work on getting our spring plumbed and water down to the house.

 Spring head reservoir...
This will be covered with black plastic and more gravel soon.

 Spring box and residue trap...

 Inlet, outlet and overflow...

 Containment system (app 150 gallons).  This will eventually have a 3 sided shelter built over it.  We can also add more storage if we find this is not adequate.

 For those of you with nothing better to is the link (part 1) for the spring development video that I was made to watch multiple times!  (It actually was very informative and breaks down the process so that even I can understand it.....sort of!)

Framing of the in progress.

Other updates...

We lost Cali last week to an injury from a predator attack.  We will miss her (as will Peanut Butter).  I have plans to get another rabbit in September and will see if PB will enjoy a new pen mate at that time.

 Maybel on my "thinking" rock.
 Georgia and Maggie....lazy Sunday morning,

Chester Marie...perfect fit.
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  1. I am so sorry you lost Cali.How wonderful it must be to have spring water!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Cali.

    There's quite a lot going on there. The water set-up is interesting! I'll check out the video, too!