Friday, July 27, 2012

She thought otherwise...

..."Don't move", I said, but thought, "there is absolutely no way". As I run into the house to get the camera.  

While I was feeding the animals this evening, this is what I saw.....

....Peanut Butter and Cali, just chillin out.

....posing, even.

Let me introduce you to Peanut Butter, the Wonder Chicken.

She was "off" as a chick.  She would stand in the corner of the coop like an ostrich with her head down, unable to get her balance.  I thought, her chances of her surviving the first few weeks of life.......1 in a 1000.

She (evidently) thought otherwise.

She learned to walk and run, not as fast as the others but still trying.  THEN she was run over by a car.  One leg was mangled, bleeding, in shock......I thought her chances of survival....ZIP.

She (evidently) thought otherwise. .

After a few weeks in isolation, HB decided to put her in with Cali (the Flemish Giant rabbit) and I thought there is no way that a one-legged, slightly "off" chicken is going to live with a roomie, who outweighs her by at least 10 lbs and regularly chews off her feathers. But...

She (evidently) thought otherwise! 


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